Eggs: The Creative Ingredient

A Vegetarians Guide To Greek Restaurants

by Ethan Stone

Many vegetarians associate Greek food with pork, goat and lamb. While it is true that these ingredients do feature heavily in Greek cuisine, it does not mean that there are not plenty of vegetarian-friendly meals available. Below is a list of some of the best vegetarian Greek meals around.


If you love feta cheese, then this is the perfect meal to get. It is similar in construction to an Italian lasagna. Instead of pasta, this Greek dish is made with sheets of phyllo. Phyllo is a paper-thin type of dough. The filling is made with feta cheese, spinach, pine nuts, sauteed onions, and egg. The phyllo topping is brushed with egg wash and the entire "pie" is baked until the crust is brown. It is a rich, savory dish that goes perfectly with a small fresh garden salad.


This is a rice dish that is great for vegetarians who want to limit the amount of fat in their diets. It doesn't have feta or any other cheeses. Spanakorizo is made by cooking rice with shredded spinach. The rice is first sauteed with olive oil, and then spices such as dill are added. The rice is then cooked in a broth and the spinach is added. It is served with fresh lemon wedges which will give it a bright, crisp taste. This dish is awesome when paired with a light Greek wine such as Assyrtiko or Restina.

Dolma (Vegetable Variety)

Domla are made by boiling grape leaves until they are tender. They are then filled with a savory vegetable filling. The filling will include rice, stewed tomatoes, eggplant or other vegetables, and spices. Vegetable dolma are served cool, as opposed to meat-filled dolma. They are served with a tahini sauce as well as a lemon and yogurt dipping sauce. These make a great appetizer. If you are dining with a group of people, you could order a plate for the table.

Moussaka (Sometimes)

Moussaka is similar to a Shepard's Pie, except that instead of beef, it is made with eggplant. Eggplant and tomatoes are stewed together and cooked with spices such as cinnamon, pepper, as well as diced onions and garlic. Sometimes ground beef is used, so make sure to ask if the restaurant uses beef in their recipe.

The eggplant and tomato stew is then layered in a casserole dish and covered with olive oil. Mashed potatoes are then layered on top and the dish is baked in an oven. The dish is never served hot. It is normally served either chilled, or at room temperature. Click here to learn more about cuisine like that of Greek dishes by Alfa Greco Roman Cuisine.