Eggs: The Creative Ingredient

Pizza: Good for the Body and Soul

by Ethan Stone

If you love pizza, you've probably been made to feel guilty about your attachment to what many call junk food. You may have friends who look at you disapprovingly when you take a healthy bite of your cheesy slice. Well, you can stop worrying what others think about your pizza consumption. Your "gut feelings" about pizza were right all along. Pizza is good for your body and soul.

Comfort Food

Pizza is often thought of as a comfort food, one you consume when you are feeling down or just lonely. Ordering a nice hot pizza can warm you up on an emotionally cold day, and that's a good thing. Research suggests that even thinking about comfort foods can improve your mood due to the happy associations that they bring. If your family used to have a pizza night once a week when you were a child, thinking about pizza will bring back those happy memories. Eating the pizza will make you feel even better. Your physical hunger will be satisfied, and you will feel happier and less lonely. Now, that is a meal with multiple benefits.


You may have heard the phrase "Everything in moderation" so many times that hearing it again makes you queasy. However, it's true. You can keep your nutritional balance while eating pizza as long as you consume it in moderation. No food in excess is good for you, and eating an entire pie by yourself is definitely unhealthy. Fortunately, you can strike a balance. Eat only a few slices and order some healthy toppings. By doing so, you can meet many of your nutritional needs for the day. You can get calcium through the cheese on the pizza as well as the tomato sauce and spinach you put on your pie. Ordering a whole-grain crust helps you meet your fiber intake goal. Requesting a lean meat takes care of your protein. Of course, the more vegetables you add, the better. You can easily knock off a serving or two of your daily veggie goal by loading up on healthy toppings. 

Food is more than just physical fuel for your body. Sometimes you need to eat something that just makes you feel good. For many people, pizza represents pleasant times with friends and family. Just thinking about a cheesy slice can make you feel warm inside. If your mouth is watering for a slice, consider going to a local pizza restaurant, such as Il Greco, with some of your friends. Indulging in this comfort food does not have to be nutritionally bad for you. If you order carefully, you will have a healthy meal that is medicine for your soul.