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How To Eat Healthy At A Chinese Restaurant

by Ethan Stone

Chinese food is absolutely delicious. After all, who wouldn't love mouthwatering treats like egg rolls, crab rangoon, and sesame chicken? Unfortunately, a lot of those favorite foods are loaded with fat, calories, and sodium, none of which are wise choices for those seeking to eat healthier or take off a few pounds. Does that mean you have to give up Chinese food while dieting? Absolutely not! It is possible to eat Chinese food and stay nice and fit. You just have to make wise choices about what you eat when you dine.

Savory Soups

One of the best choices you can make when you dine Chinese-style is soup. Soups are loaded with water, which keeps you feeling full, and most Chinese favorites are relatively low in calories. Good choices include hot and sour soup and egg drop soup. Just make sure you skip the crunchy fried noodles that are often served on the side. Those are an easy way to pack on the calories (and the pounds).

Chicken with Snow Peas

When it comes time to enjoy your main dish, consider an order of chicken with snow peas. The light chicken is typically flavorful and served with snow peas and a bunch of other vegetables, allowing you to fill up on plain old protein and veggies.

Just keep in mind that most Chinese restaurants do cook their meats and vegetables in oil, so ask for an oil substitute, such as a cooking spray, or request that only small amounts of oil be used. Most restaurants will happily accommodate your request.

If chicken with snow peas isn't on the menu, aim for any chicken dish that isn't breaded and that doesn't come with a high calorie sauce.

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Need a little something extra "on the side" to go with your meal? A vegetable spring roll is the perfect accompaniment. These treats have fewer calories than egg rolls due to having a thinner outer wrapping, and when you order the vegetable variety, you can pack in some extra nutrients with your meal too.

Tofu Dishes

If you're a vegetarian or just want a lighter version of one of your favorite meat dishes, request for it to be made with tofu. Tofu can be substituted for meat in just about any dish. Just remember that, while tofu may be low calorie, the sauces and oils it is cooked in may not be, so choose your dish wisely!

If you can follow these tips and be careful about your dining choices, there's no reason you can't enjoy Chinese food and stay fit at the same time. (For more information on Chinese dishes, contact a restaurant such as Ginger Beef Restaurants Macewan)